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Telephone quotes may be available depending on the complexity of the work required. Telephone quotes are generally pretty accurate but we reserve the right to increase or indeed reduce the price if the work is not as described.

Useful information

Our Stump Grinders are sized to fit through the majority of garden gates with a minimum clearance of 29 inches required.
As a last resort we have in the past gained access to back gardens through the house. This is done with great care and dust sheets are used to protect your flooring.
To help us give you an accurate telephone quote then the following information will be required.

  • Number of stumps that need removing.
  • Diameter of stumps in inches at ground level.
  • Height of stumps from ground level.
  • Type of tree if known is also useful as some trees are harder than others
  • Any exposed root networks that need removal.
  • What the ground is to used for post removal of stump e.g. returfing, fence posts, building foundations etc.
  • Address and access to site description, width of gate and alleyways, tight corners and any steps or big drops.

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