Conifer Hedge Reduced and Trimmed Sutton Coldfield

Large Lime Tree Felled and Stump Removal
January 23, 2017
Big stump
Big Conifer Stump Removal Sutton Coldfield
May 15, 2017

Conifer trees reduced and trimmed Sutton Coldfield

Conifer trees can grow at an alarming rate and hence need to be kept on top of. If a conifer tree is left for too long then reduction and trimming can be difficult, especially if you require the width of the tree reduced. If all the green is removed then a conifer will not recover and you are left with a dead looking tree. In this case we were able to reduce the height, take away some of the lower branches and take about a foot off the width without effecting the health and future development of the trees.

" What a transformation. I came back from work to find all the work had been completed. The gents left the garden cleaner than before the work had started and the difference in light coming into the house is amazing. Many Thanks" Emma

Conifer reduction

Conifer reduction